AWoman’s Place at
The Clinic for Women, Inc
4400 Broadway Suite 409
Kansas City MO 64111
816-753-2224 fax

October 1, 2013

To all of our Patients,

            After much consideration and 25+ years in practice at Saint Luke’s Hospital, I have decided to close A Woman’s Place at the Clinic for Women. I want to thank you for the trust you have given me as your physician over the years. Taking care of you has been an honor for my staff and me, and the decision to close my practice has not been an easy one.

            I do plan to continue practicing Gynecology only at Ransom Memorial Hospital, 1301 S. Main St. in Ottawa, Kansas. This is only a 20-30 minute drive from south Kansas City. I will be on most insurance plans and I am hoping many of you will continue to see me at my new location. Should you decide to do so, you may call 785-242-9889 to make an appointment.

            Rachel Israel, CNM, was recently reunited with her husband, who has been serving in the military for the past year. They will be relocating to North Carolina. Rachel’s last day in our office will be November 4, 2013. Diane Utz, CNM, would like to continue to practice at Saint Luke’s Hospital. You may contact her at: Southridge Medical Group, 12541 Foster St. Suite 300, Overland Park KS 66213, 913-317-3200.

            The last effective day of business will be November 30, 2013. Until that date, we will continue to provide care as usual.

            It is very important that you make arrangements as soon as possible to select a new physician to make sure you receive uninterrupted medical care. You can also check with your insurance plan to get a list of covered physicians, or you can contact any hospital for a list of providers on its medical staff.

            Once you have selected a new provider, you will need to complete an authorization to release your medical records to your new physician. Unfortunately, your medical records cannot be released without written authorization from you. For your convenience, there is an authorization form on our website for you to complete and return to the office once you have selected a new physician. Assuming I receive your completed authorization form prior to December 30th, 2013, there will not be a charge for copying your records. All authorizations received after December 30th, 2013 must be sent to Saint Luke’s Hospital Health Information Management Dept., 816-932-2860 or Fax request to: 816-932-3415 and may be subject to a reasonable copying fee to cover the cost of duplication, which in Missouri is $22.82 plus $0.53 per page or $100.00 whichever is less.

            Please contact my office with any questions or comments. Our commitment to providing you the best service and support is always our top priority. Thank you again for your business.


                                                                                    Barbara D. Bohon, M.D.